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Please note: Only the names of clergy in the direct management line of the Bro Dyfri Ministry Area are shown here. The names of the others may be obtained by visiting the Church in Wales website, or the St Davids diocesan website,

The Church in Wales is a Province of the Anglican Communion. It has existed since 1920, when the Welsh dioceses were disestablished from the Church of England. The Church in Wales has its own Archbishop and the Province now comprises six dioceses, each with its own Bishop. Each diocese is divided into Archdeaconries under the direction of an Archdeacon. St Davids Diocese has three Archdeaconries.

The Bro Dyfri Ministry Area is in the Diocese of St Davids and the Archdeaconry of Carmarthen.

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Each Archdeaconry is further divided into Deaneries (led by an Area Dean) and/or Local Ministry Areas (led by a Ministry Team Leader). Deaneries are made up of a number of Benefices, each comprising three or four parishes, and Local Ministry Areas are groups of parishes who have consented to work together. The Archdeaconry of Carmarthen has five Deaneries and one Local Ministry Area.

The Bro Dyfri Ministry Area includes our four parishes.

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